‘Known character’ jailed for robbing family at seawall


A well-known character to the police found himself back in the court of law on Tuesday after being slapped with three counts of robbery that he allegedly committed on a family while they were relaxing on the Kingston seawall.

Christopher Niles of Fourth Street, Alberttown, Georgetown admitted to one of the three charges that were read to him in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Tuesday.

The first charge read that Niles robbed Bibi Mangoo of a purse valued $20,000 which also contained $20,000 cash and a cellular phone valued $35,000 while she was at the Kingston Seawall on October 20.

The unrepresented man admitted to this charge and was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment by Magistrate Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.

Two other charges stated that on the same day and said location he also robbed the virtual complainant’s daughter, Mahoni Mangoo also of her purse, $50,000 cash along with her cellphone.

Mahaoni’s husband, Tekchand Balgobin also fell victim when the unemployed defendant allegedly took his valuables worth $90,000 while using personal violence during the commission of the robberies. He denied this charge as well.

However, the prosecution is contending that on the day in question the family was on the seawall when the elder Mangoo saw the defendant riding pass her on a bicycle and stopped a short distance away from where she was sitting and proceeded to assault her daughter.

Upon seeing same, the woman allegedly went to her daughter’s rescue but only to be assaulted too by the man.

They were subsequently relieved of their valuables by Niles who later made good his escape on his bicycle.

However, in a strange twist Niles after admitting to taking the woman’s purse reportedly told the court that the family drove behind him, hit him down and take back the purse he had stolen.

More so, Police prosecutor Simone Payne objected to bail being granted on the grounds of the serious nature of the offence and the penalty it attracts.

Thereafter, the Chief Magistrate upheld the prosecution’s submission and remanded the man to prison until October, 31.


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