King says no decision yet on if he will return as Town Clerk

Town Clerk Royston King
 Royston King

Days after the High Court reversed the dismissal of Former Town Clerk Royston King, paving the way for him to be reinstated at the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC), he is yet to make a decision as to whether he will return to the post.
King made this revelation during an appearance on local radio programme “Hot seat” hosted by broadcaster Stan Gouveia on Tuesday.

When asked directly if he will be returning as Town Clerk, King firmly asserted that this decision is yet to be made since he is leaning on the guidance of his lawyers.
“As far as my returning to the Council is concerned, I am guided by the advice of my lawyers. So, I haven’t made that decision as yet, I’m being guided by the advice of my lawyers.”

But even as he expressed uncertainty towards same, King reminded that his contributions to the city’s development when he held the previous post, was done out of “passion and great initiative”.

Furthermore, in pointing out the functions of the Local Government Commission – that is to protect public officials from political excesses – King made it clear that he holds no animosity for the LGC or its officials, despite its decision to fire him back in January of 2018.

Last Friday High Court Judge, Justice Simone Ramlall in handing down her ruling, found that the former Town Clerk was unlawfully dismissed. She also ruled that the CoI in its entirety was unlawfully established hence all of its decisions and findings are null, void and of no effect.
This includes King’s dismissal, which was based on the findings and recommendations of the probe.
According to the Judge, the Commission is only permitted under the Local Government Commission Act to delegate its powers within the Local Government system and not investigative bodies outside such as the CoI that was set up to look into the operations of City Hall.

This ruling comes after the 2018 CoI conducted by ret’d Justice Cecil Kennard found King guilty of gross misconduct, abuse of office, and misappropriation of funds. He had also stated that King performed the duties of treasurer and other officers of the Council, which were not his designated duties.