“I’m uncomfortable with a restricted Govt” – Pres. Granger

President David Granger addressing the 11th Parliament

President David Granger this morning said he is not comfortable having to run a caretaker government which has a lot of restrictions on its functions.

“It is very uncomfortable for me as a head of state to labour under the restrictions of an interim administration,” he told reporters.

According to the president, apart for health reasons, he has not accepted any invitations for state visits.

“Many of my ministers have had their travels restricted; we cannot plan a budget or bring a budget to parliament and we cannot engage in certain types of projects which are regarded as irreversible and the whole business of the govt has been slowed because we are obedient to and compliant with the instructions of the CCJ since July. So it is uncomfortable for me to remain in this condition,” Granger posited.

The Head of State noted that his government’s mindset is on credible elections in the shortest time possible. But the Opposition is contending that President Granger has been acting in bad faith and that he is continuing to “parrot excuses”.