Jordan insists nothing wrong with reviewing former govt’s contract with ExxonMobil


The review of the contract signed by the former People’s Progressive Party/ Civic Government with Exxon Mobil for oil exploration in Guyana’s Exclusive Economic Zone, is natural and is in keeping with the fact that the circumstances have changed since the signing of the first agreement, Finance Minister Winston Jordan said, according to GINA.

oilThe Minister  was also quoted by GINA as saying that a review does not necessarily have to result in a change to the terms and conditions of a contract; rather it serves to bring a greater understanding of the contract details. “A review does not mean changes but it can involve changes,” said the minister.

The People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) has maintained that a review of the contract, especially with the involvement of the subject minister could lead to corruption and claims of “selling out of national interests”.

But Minister Jordan insisted that the request for a review of the contract was government’s way of ensuring Guyana gets the best possible deal from the extraction of oil, when it begins.


  1. The PPP has a proud record of giving away Guyana’s resources for a proverbial, ‘mess of pottage’. Their ultimate heal has always been self advancement. So long as the kickbacks are right they deal. This government is duty bound to go over each of those contracts with a sharp legal eye and affine tooth comb. Guyana’s assets bring to all Guyanese not the few at Red House.

  2. Somewhere at the back of the people’s minds, something with this second look with the oil contact is shady. With the economy going down and APNU CLOWNS don’t know what or how to make it grow. They are now MAYBE giving EXXONMOBIL better concessions, taking in less for the country. Then again why will EXXONMOBIL produce now when the price is low, unless it’s a tatic to keep beating down the CLOWNS of APNU to go lower as time rolls on. These people know PNC/APNU CAN’T BUILD A STRONG ECONOMY, so they can be easily be cornered into a desperate situation. ..JUST A THEORY WHICH I THINK IS SPOT ON.


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