Jamaica Opposition MP was stabbed 20 times

East Portland MP Dr Lynvale Bloomfield
East Portland MP Dr Lynvale Bloomfield

(Jamaica Gleaner) Senior detectives probing the killing of two-term member of parliament (MP) for Eastern Portland, Dr Lynvale Bloomfield, are reportedly following strong leads.

A bloodied black vest was recovered along a pathway about 200 metres from the MP’s home, where his body was discovered on Saturday, was sent to the forensic lab for testing.

Additionally, investigators are trying to locate Bloomfield’s main cell phone, which has also been reported missing. Another phone belonging to the MP was recovered at the house, along with items of jewellery.

The Major Investigation Division (MID), which is conducting a top-level probe into the murder, is tight-lipped about the investigation so far.

Investigators have theorised that Bloomfield may have been killed about 1 a.m. on Saturday.

Bloomfield’s nude body was discovered in his bedroom with more than 20 stab wounds in his Passley Gardens, Portland, home. His helper and gardener, who stumbled upon the bloody scene shortly after 10 a.m., said they observed traces of blood leading from a bathroom to the bedroom.


Meanwhile, Hope Renny, a former employee and patient of Bloomfield’s, is finding it hard to cope with the loss.

Renny, who worked as a janitor at the City Plaza Pharmacy, which was once operated by Bloomfield, was tearful when she spoke to The Gleaner in Port Antonio yesterday.

“I am still in shock, as the best man has been senselessly murdered,” she said, trying to process the medical doctor’s demise.

“He was a kind and polite gentleman who saw to the needs of his patients. I have a chronic illness, which he treats almost every week, and now that he is dead, I don’t know where to find a doctor as caring and kind like he was. He was a doctor who extended help to everyone, even when they were unable to pay for his service. He never turned anyone away, and he was reliable and efficient,” she added.

“I developed a special kind of relationship with him, and he always took time out [to] explain to me the nature of my illness. Many like myself are at a loss as to how to pick up the pieces and to move on. We have lost a great doctor and political leader, who was well loved by all. He has definitely left a void in East Portland and he will be missed for a long time to come,” she added.



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