Jagdeo urges GECOM to stop entertaining wild, unproven APNU/AFC allegations


On a daily basis during the ongoing national recount, new and unsubstantiated allegations of fraud are being made by the APNU/AFC Coalition – allegations that Opposition Leader Bharat Jagdeo has urged the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to stop entertaining.

Jagdeo made this pronouncement earlier today (Saturday, May 23, 2020) during a virtual update on the recount exercise. According to him, many of these allegations relate to questions that GECOM has long since settled, yet they are resurfacing.

“Issues that were settled two weeks ago, APNU keeps reopening these issues. All day long, they want to misapply the instructions that have been given right at the beginning of the exercise and developed during the recount, they just want these changed.”

“GECOM must not pander to APNU. We see them doing a great deal of bending over backward to accommodate APNU even when the issues have been clarified,” the Opposition Leader asserted.

Jagdeo noted that in the same vein that GECOM gives credence to APNU/AFC allegations of dead and migrated people having voted on March 2, the same way GECOM should be interested in disproving embattled Region Four Returning Officer (RO) Clairmont Mingo. Instead, his controversial declaration remains in abeyance.

“The same way they are turning a blind eye, that is what we find duplicitous about GECOM. They’re turning a blind eye to an illegality that could easily be proven by documents they have in their possession, which are the SOP’s and Mingo’s declarations.”

“They’re refusing to make that public, yet they’re giving minor credence to all these wild, unverified allegations from APNU,” Jagdeo said.