Jagdeo moves to High Court to lift travel restriction

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo has legally challenged the decision of Magistrate Charlilyn Artiga to place him on self-bail and restrict him from leaving the country.

Jagdeo was recently hauled before the Whim Magistrate’s Court where he was summarily charged for racial incitement as accused by political activist Christopher Ram.

As part of her decision, Artiga barred the former President from leaving the jurisdiction – a condition that has drawn the condemnation of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

A copy of the petition which was acquired by iNews states that the bail condition would cause “onerous duty and grave hardship on your petitioner [Jagdeo] since he resides 75 miles away from Whim Magistrate’s Court and he can only seek permission to leave the jurisdiction on days that the case would be called.”

The application also states that the Magistrate failed to consider that the Former President may have medical emergencies and obligations that will require that he be out of the country.

Jagdeo contends that the Magistrate acted “unreasonably and capriciously” with the delivery of her ruling.

The affidavit, presented by Attorney at Law Murseline Bacchus, was filed in the Georgetown High Court and will be heard before the Chief Justice Ian Chang.

PPP in a press statement had said that the ruling was a violation of Jagdeo’s constitutional right.



  1. With all the so called millions pumped into GPGC are you telling me there isn’t a sturdy enough plug to sort him out???… Well, another example of using any ruse necessary to avoid justice….. Your mouth was big enough to spew your vile rhetoric and when you need to answer your critics you use the guise of “medical requirements” and non-existent international appointments as reasons to flit off at a moments notice….Anyway, who in the international community would want to convene a meeting with someone as unintelligent as him… Never mind, commendations to the young, upstanding magistrate who was woman enough to look the dog in the face and pass her edict down to arrest him unless he turned up and not waste the courts time. Never mind he managed to slip through this time, the end result will be spectacular …

  2. I did not return back to Guyana because the USA is my new home with my family. GIDD is not my buddy – it just happen I agree with their article and comment. I am impartial and does not endorse any party or person. I was a policeman when I left Guyana several decades ago. I wish Guyana the best to move forward. All supporters of any party when their party come into power would like to go after the ills of the previous party and this is not good for the country. Thank you.

  3. To Mr. Romeo Singh, I would like to ask him and his GIDD buddies, if Guyana was so good under Jagdeo, why did he not come back and work or live here. I will await your response. And for your information election was on May 11, the court matter happen long before May 11.

  4. Jagdeo should have known that he may have medical and other emergencies that require he travel overseas when he opened his mouth and uttered racially divisive remarks on the campaign trail.
    The reason that the magistrate barred him from leaving Guyana was to ensure that he showed up for court, having initially failed to show, and when he was supposed to show the second time, he had to be threatened with arrest before showing up in a hurry.
    Based on all of that, he automatically became a flight risk, and any wise judge would take into consideration his disregard for the court.
    Further, he has no known medical condition that required him to travel in the last six months and he had no international obligations the last three months or the next three months. He should stay his butt in Guyana and let the court case play out. He is not above the law.

  5. Medical emergencies, Guyana under him was the best place on earth for everything, they boast of all the wonders and PROGRESS they were doing for guyanese. What happen to GPHC? GPC his buddy friend just got 6 million US of our money to buy more,,,, Hello DRUGS,,,,, so buster stay and join the line at GPHC and let doctor QUACk fix you up. Why do you need to travel for anything, under Ali Barrat GUYANA NICE!!!.GuYANA NICEEE!!!!!!!!! Barrat is a X bully so he need to feel how most guyanese felt with the bull shit state guyana has been on for the yrs under him,,,

  6. This will never end> WHy he wasting money on this issue according to him him born ya and him die ya. The president should be patriot numero uno.
    Jagas bai them court is not to your standard you should stay away and let them do what they want.
    Chris is having his day and the law is not an ass. The exo may be proving that he is.

  7. As I was saying, this political croniesm by the new government indirectly through its cronies. Good luck Guyana. I am praying for you.

  8. They should lost this appeal like how the NCN report lost in the OP along with those bills sent for assent.

  9. none of his obligations should take priority over the guyana justice system and his only medical condition he is suffering from is belly-wuk, which could be handled by sitting him over a pit latrine over a trench and the other medical condition that concerns what comes from outta his mouth will be looked after in the courts.

    bharat jagdeo must remain grounded until his next court appearance and if he has to travel out of the country the magistrate already stipulated that he can apply for relief. this man is clearly a flight risk as was shown when he had to be threatened wit arrest and only then he appeared in court earlier this week.


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