Jagdeo discharged from overseas Health Facility, debunks Stabroek News’ article

The online version of the Stabroek News which states that the former President is resting at his "house" in Florida.
The online version of the Stabroek News which states that the former President is resting at his “house” in Florida.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – iNews has confirmed that former President Bharrat Jagdeo has been discharged from a Miami, Florida health facility. 

Even as the former President recuperates after treatment for dengue, today’s online version of the Stabroek News claims that he is “resting at his home in Boca Raton, Florida.”

In an exclusive interview with iNews from his hotel room, the former President described the report in the Stabroek News as “malicious” as he is not the owner of any home in Florida.

The President indicated that the health facility has given him the clearance to return home and he intends to do so immediately.

Several media outlets have been carrying what observers described as “scandalous and insensitive” reports about the former President’s health condition.

Jagdeo was recently in India where it is suspected he contracted dengue.  Dengue is a tropical disease and is transmitted by several species of Mosquitos. He had to be air-dashed last weekend after his condition worsened.



  1. Not many can afford such luxurious trips just for a simple ailment. But one thing I know for sure Minister Ramsarran should be ashamed that the basic necessity (drugs) are not available for his ailment, thats to show that gov’t functionaries don’t trust the health system headed by themselves. Then Minister Ramsarran is talking abt building specialty hospital. The next question is How well it will be equipped to deal with serious illness. Then y the Guyanese nation must trust them too.

  2. i have a very short fuse for people who speak out of turn and out of pure ignorance!

    go learn how to read, comprehend and put things into proper context then, you can figure out the psycho-babble in the trailing bits among all the other nonsense you wrote and maybe next time you will manage to hold someone’s attention by making proper sense.


  3. Show me a country including the USA where Presidents and public officials use the same public systems as the masses. Do you understand what the ing in progressing signifies? It’s a process.

  4. so guyana – a tropical country with all kinds of mosquitoes – cannot treat a severe case of dengue, so the very privileged flew off to florida for treatment.

    i wonder how many guyanese can run off to overseas health facilities to be treated for dengue and on the backs of taxpayers as well? it d.oesn’t even end there. those same government people tell guyanese that they are doing a stellar job and the country is progressing, but the raja couldn’t be treated in their wonderful first class hospitals they have back there in the country



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