“It’s not true” – Rohee responds to Ramkarran’s claim that dissenting voices silenced within PPP

Flashback: PPP members at a conference in 2011, prior to the elections. [Guyana Times Photo]

By Jomo Paul

People's Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary Clement Rohee.
People’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary Clement Rohee.

[www.inewsguyana.com] –General Secretary of the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic, Clement Rohee says that Former Speaker of the National Assembly, Ralph Ramkarran has lost sight of what it means to be a member of the Party.

Rohee was at the time responding to questions about persons with differing views from that of the leadership of the Party being forced into silence.

This follows revelations by Ramkarran in a recent blog where he stated that he was effectively silence and abused by the Party while he was a member.

“Within the PPP different and more direct, intimidatory techniques exist. Direct abuse is a major one. Subtle threats of dismissal from employment are another. Most people have jobs with the party or government, which they need to secure for their livelihood. This is enough to encourage silence or elicit vociferous, sycophantic, support. Dissentient voices have been effectively stilled in the PPP, even though Jagdeo is widely criticized privately. This is the answer to the question often asked: how is it that Jagdeo has got such a hold over the PPP that no one dares to oppose him? I spoke out for years in the PPP, subjecting myself to intense abuse and isolation, until it became necessary to ensure that I no longer remain within its ranks. No one else has so far dared to oppose Jagdeo,” Ramkarran said.

But Rohee stated that this is not the case. “I think Mr Ramkarran has lost touch with the customs and practices within the PPP,” adding “when we talk about dissenting voices have been stilled and persons don’t have the opportunity to express their opinions, it’s not true.”

Ralph Ramkarran
Ralph Ramkarran

According to Rohee, the Party’s internal structure has ample room for spirited debates to take place where persons are afforded the opportunity of raising whatever concerns they may have about any particular issue.

“I am amazed to see Mr Ramkarran has forgotten that in the structure of the Party there is always room for lively debate to take place there…it’s impossible for the PPP to survive all these years without allowing that amount of robust intense debate to take place within the Party…if that were to happen, the leadership would end up fossilized and become members of Jurassic park,” the General Secretary told reporters.



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