“It is her choice” – APNU’s Ally says on Education Minister’s decision to send daughter to private school

Amna Ally, Minister of Social Cohesion


By Fareeza Haniff

Shadow Minister of Finance,  Amna Ally.
Shadow Minister of Finance, Amna Ally.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Shadow Education Minister and A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) Parliamentarian, Amna Ally says Education Minister, Priya Manickchand has the choice to send her daughter to a private or public school but at the same time pointed out the faults within the public education system.

Manickchand at a news conference on Friday, December 12, defended her decision to enroll her daughter in a private school, stating that it had to do with her age at the time.

Whether or not it is a fair choice, Ally said it is left up to the public to make its own assessment.

“It is her choice, the matter of fairness, we can assess that for ourselves, it is a matter of choice but it is the government and the Minister of Education who has us in this plight – the public education system…our children, there is no opportunity for them for proper learning. Our teachers don’t have good conditions and they [government] don’t care anyway about improving the conditions,” Ally told Reporters during the APNU weekly press conference on Friday.

She further noted, “The government ministers know what they have been doing to the public education system and it pinches on their feet too and that is why they don’t send their children to the public schools, because personally they care about themselves and they don’t care about the rest of the population, so they want self satisfaction.”

The Shadow Education Minister also highlighted the plight of some children enrolled in the public education system, as she blasts the government for not caring about the ordinary man.

Education Minister, Priya Manickchand.
Education Minister, Priya Manickchand.

“They don’t care whether my child or your child gets a good education; they don’t care about providing opportunities for other people’s children. They have the money, they send their children to get the best of it at the private schools and that is the end of the matter for them.

“They don’t care if the children at Liberty is flooded out and cannot go to school for several weeks; they don’t care whether the children an Moruca can fetch water for the toilets on a daily basis…they don’t care how the children get to school, whether they have transportation or not; the Ministers got the big limousines to take their children to their private schools, so they don’t care a damn what happens at the bottom to the rest of the people and yet you hear ‘because we care.’”

Manickchand justified her decision to have her daughter attend a private nursery institution, even as she continues to boast of the many gains and growth of the public arm of the education sector.

She stated that the Constitution has given her the right to choose what is in the best interest of her children, as she admitted that as the woman in charge of the country’s education sector and promoting its growth, she is being looked at differently.

In response to the question posed at the news conference, Manickchand explained, “When she turned three years…she wasn’t allowed into the public school because she was a month younger than she needed to be and she couldn’t get into a public school; if she did you would ask me now why I broke the rules to allow my child into a school that I wasn’t allowing other people’s children into.”

She further explained, “there was a private school that said they would take her and they did…I would ask you to remember that she has another parent who also makes decision for her and that other parent felt it was in her best interest given the place she was at to have her start school at the time that she did.”


  1. Auntie Amana gyal you seh gud things…the picknie in Moruca, man Robenson should dig a river to the toilet and they can wash not flush everytime. Meh want to ask you sumting when u does go to school it too much a sweetie yuh does eat nah auntie amana. Boi i sorry fuh them young people, if she tun minister them gone roll and run.

    Them teacher get the best condition, Amna All EEE, you eva walk in a school and see how haddd them teacher does wuk sum ah dem does be on whatsapp fuh hours and bbm fuh hours and you can see fashion when them dress up fuh school them like it because PPP create a nice condition to wuk in man. Over 100 new or renovated schools, teacher getting release to go to classes at UG, them heads getting Duty free, them salary good fuh the hours of wuk, them get nuff free time to mek money when they teach lesson, them get free education at CPCE. Look at me i wuk 8-4:30, on a 1 yr contract, i hr lunch only, pay for my degree, make the sacrifice and pay for everything to go to UG, no duty free, Amna why u nah fight instead fuh people like me who earns 85K with a UG degree, why u nah say sumthing with sense like ow gaad if a man get duty free nah gave him again 3 yrs after mek it 6 yrs and gav others too who neva get and serving in senior position what ppl want a basis desoto to get to wuk on time and reach home on time so them can tun out early next day

  2. Parliament was Prorogued ( DISCONTINUE ) by the Democratic Elected President, that means Parliament is inactive, waiting to be dissolved. The tenth Parliament would not be reconvened. The wise President of Guyana knows how to exercise his constitutional rights, and he did. Therefore Amna Ally should not be consider a MP, she and her cronies are as sitting ducks! While all Ministers of the PPP Government are still legitimate and are very actively working towards the building and developing of beautiful Guyana. I personally, am very, very confident that Amna Ally would never, ever be the Minister of education, not even a minister of any Government.
    Amna Ally, in her life time would never come close to Minister Manickchand. Amna, is a shadow that can frighten anybody.
    Respected madam Minister Manickchand, Please, please I ask you to define the word “DAMN” to that crying woman Amna Ally.

  3. Amna ally utterance can be proven wrong. She should look at the results, number of trained teachers, number of new schools and number of students, take those figures and place it new to the figures in 1992.


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