“Irresponsible and thoughtless” – FITUG condemns Harmon’s Sputnik V claims

State Minister, Joseph Harmon

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The FITUG considers the recent statements by Opposition Leader, Joseph Harmon on the Sputnik vaccines reckless, irresponsible, and thoughtless. In our view, the Opposition Leader’s wild statements will only redound to higher vaccine hesitancy among our people. This is neither helpful nor useful in our efforts to exit the pandemic. And, therefore, the Opposition Leader and the wider Opposition must be condemned for what can clearly be described as unwise and deeply upsetting propaganda.

The irresponsibleness, once again, demonstrated by the Coalition is seemingly characteristic of their behaviour since taking then reigns of the Opposition. We recall the now Opposition Leader and his Party’s Leader viral statements made shortly after the gruesome murder of the Henry boys. Similarly, we recollect too, indecisiveness exhibited by the Opposition in encouraging Guyanese to be inoculated against COVID-19. Or more recent statement regarding the establishment of a so-called squad without any evidence of any kind. Whereas we understand that the Opposition has a role to scrutinize the Government, this comes with high levels of responsibility and nation, not political self-interest, should come first.

We know the Guyanese people are not easily deceived and fall for the falsehoods of the Opposition. Certainly, such recklessness should not even be bothered with. We, at this time, urge everyone to receive their vaccines and continue to observe the COVID-19 protocols.