2 months later: Family still awaiting justice for fashion designer murdered in TT

Dead: Latchman Singh
Dead: Latchman Singh

More than two months have elapsed since 27-year-old Latchman Singh also known as “Marcus” was found murdered in his apartment at El Dorado, Trinidad and his family in Guyana are growing frustrated with what they believe is a long wait for justice.

Singh, who made migrated to the twin-island republic some six years ago to pursue a career in fashion and cosmetology, was found dead on April 13 in a pool of blood with several stab wounds about his body.

His sister, Deepa Singh, told this publication that the family is growing frustrated with being kept in the dark about the ongoing investigation into her brother’s murder.

The sister explained that every time she makes contact with the police in Trinidad, she is met with a royal round around.

“They just ah put you on to this body, put you on to that body…then they tell you that the person who looking after the case, he’s on quarantine,” she related.

The woman noted that in recent times, she is unable to make contact with the police.

“I tried to call them but me ain’t getting through…I don’t know what happened to their phone,” she noted.

“It’s kinda stressful…Even if they don’t know who did it, at least let we hear something but we not getting nothing from them…We don’t know what more to do,” the sister expressed.

The woman said the family had reached out to Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn who said interventions will be made from his level, but the family has not received any feedback since.

Trinidadian media that reported that Police were called to an apartment in El Dorado at around 18:30h on the night in question by one of Singh’s roommates, claiming that he was found in a motionless state. When they arrived on the scene, the man was found in his underwear, and his body bore several stab wounds.

Based on the results from the postmortem that was conducted on Singh’s body, he died from multiple stab wounds to the neck and upper back, and blunt trauma to the head.

Meanwhile, though the borders were closed, Trinidadian authorities granted permission for the man’s body to be returned to Guyana for a proper burial by his family.

In a previous interview with this publication, Singh’s mother Bibi Zabeda Kassim had pleaded with authorities in Trinidad to find her son’s killer.

“My son does not deserve this, he was brutally murdered, and I need justice. It is not easy for me, so please, whoever is authority please help me to get justice for my son. I would feel so happy and thankful if my son’s soul can rest in peace. He was a very amazing and wonderful person to everybody…I am pleading, please, please, help me to get justice for my son,” the tearful mother had expressed.