Irate man murders wife in the presence of her co-worker


-After fleeing from the crime scene, he turns himself over to the Police

Just days before entering a new year, a young man is now in police custody after he reportedly murdered his wife, 24-year-old Yonnette Nicholson-Prince, at her work place in Berbice today, in the presence of her co-worker.

Reports indicate that at approximately 07:30hrs today, Nicholson-Prince, a hair dresser, reported to work at the New Amsterdam Psychiatric Hospital as per normal and was in the midst of having a conversation with a co-worker when her husband, Sheldon Prince barged into the office.

The young woman reportedly refused to talk to him, and this angered her husband. He in turn pulled out a large knife from his waistband and proceeded to stab his wife.

Inews understands that the co-worker who was present in the room expressed fear to intervene, and instead began shouting for help.

Nicholson-Prince was left to die in front of her office, while her husband fled the scene. However, he moments ago turned himself over to the Police.

This online publication was told that the security guard was on duty at the time of the incident, however, since Nicholson-Prince’s husband would frequently visit, he was not searched before entering the facility.

The now dead woman and her husband resided in Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, Berbice.



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