Bandits torch way into Hardware Emporium, escape with safe


As the year comes to an end, crime continues unabated, the most recent resulting in bandits torching their way into the Hardware Emporium General Store in the wee hours of this morning and carting off a safe containing an undisclosed sum of cash.

Inews understands that the men reportedly gained access to the Church Street, Georgetown premises by scaling a fence that separates the Guyana Telephone Telegraph (GTT) Company and Hardware Emporium General Store, then proceeded to torch a square hole into the metal gate which prevented intruders.

Torched hole that the bandits used to gain entry and also exit with the safe

The bandits then made their way into the building. However, they cunningly ensured to lock the door which led to the living quarters of the caretaker, from the outside.

This online publication was told by the supervisor of the entity who identified himself only as “Errol”, that the suspects also cut the main power supply to the building, ultimately shutting down the security system and cameras.

Upon visiting the location this morning, detectives were seen scouring the premises for evidence which may lead to the culprits.

“Errol” also noted that  at the time of the robbery, no security guard was on duty.

Additionally, the brother of the owner of the business related that he found it very unusual that days after a new security system was installed, the place was burglarized.

No one was arrested and investigations are ongoing.


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