IPED waives late fees, suspends penalty interest for late installments


The Institute of Private Enterprise Development Limited (IPED) wishes to inform our clients and the public that we understand the difficulties which many of them are currently experiencing in the various enterprises they manage and operate.

We wish to assure them that it is our intention to continue providing the necessary support that they may need to overcome this difficult period.

We have been in communication with most of our existing clients and are aware of the challenges confronting them.

We continue to monitor the situation and to develop solutions to these challenges as they continue to emerge.

We advise our clients that all late fees generated after February 29, 2020 will be waived and penalty interest for late or deferred installments will be suspended.

Restructuring, rescheduling, refinancing, deferred installments and payment arrangements will be determined on merit for each loan beneficiary. We reiterate that we understand and will work with all of them to overcome the current crisis.

IPED has taken steps to increase the frequency of sanitization of our facilities. We have placed wash basins at our offices for you to wash hands before entry and we have implemented the protocols of physical distancing which we encourage all to strictly follow on our premises and at all times in every public place.

We encourage all persons wishing to transact business with IPED to call their various officers and branches before visiting the office.

We wish to inform the public that visits to the office will only be accommodated by appointments as limited employees are in the office whilst others work from home. Please call or send your messages to telephone numbers 608-4096 or 608-8920 for assistance if you are unable to make contact with your regular loan officer or Manager.