CORONAVIRUS: Parika-Supenaam speedboat services suspended


Acting on the recommendations provided by the Regional Health Emergency Committee of Region 2, Regional Executive Officer (REO) Dennis Jaikaran has suspended the Parika-Supenaam speedboats service amid efforts to stop the transmission of COVID-19.

A meeting was held today between the REO, the Regional Commander, Parika-Supenaam Speedboat Association, Otis Roberts and other key stakeholders where the decision was made to cease all speedboat operations from Friday 3rd April 2020, until further notice.

Speaking to DPI, Roberts commended the decision, noting that it is a measure that was anticipated.

“I think it is an excellent gesture. I think it is much needed. Overall, I would say we are in full cooperation of this gesture and the precautionary measures put in place,” the Chairman stated.

The Parika-Good Hope ferry service will continue to operate two round trips per day – one in the morning and another in the evening – with no more than 100 passengers on each vessel. This will continue unless otherwise directed by the Transport and Harbour Department.