Investigators will not treat TIP Hero any different from others – Police


Ms. Broomes with her Attorney, Raphael Trotman. [Esan Griffith Photo]
Ms. Broomes with her Attorney, Raphael Trotman. [Esan Griffith Photo]
The Guyana Police Force today made it clear that President of the Guyana Women Miners’ Association (WGMA), Simona Broomes will not be treated any different from other persons when it comes to the issue of complaints the Force receive from the public.

The Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Hero was recently charged for assaulting Ann Marie Carter, who was also charged for trafficking four young women. The police recently came under heavy criticism for arresting and charging Broomes for the alleged assault. As such, only yesterday, Broomes filed an official complaint against her arrest at the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, accompanied by her Attorney, Raphael Trotman.

In a statement today, the Police explained that the victim – Ms Ann Marie Carter – upon her arrest in August made an allegation that she was brutally assaulted, including with the use of firearms, by Ms. Simona Broomes and other persons in her company.

The police revealed that her allegations were supported by a medical report and eye witnesses.

“The investigations are continuing as the police are making efforts to contact the other persons who were with Broomes on the day in question.”

According to the statement, “The reports in the media including the statement made by the Guyana Human Rights Association display a lot of reckless and unsubstantiated pronouncements being made that seek to vilify the police without knowledge of the facts. Or is it being suggested that we live in a society where some are more equal than others and under such circumstances; the Guyana Police Force should use the unprofessional approach of selective enforcement to achieve justice?”

The Police Force reiterated that its approach in meeting its responsibilities to the people of Guyana is to take a professional stance.

“In such an approach, it is required to investigate all complaints made by all persons.”

The Force is adamant that its actions have been in keeping with professionalism and are not bent on intimidation nor intended to place any blemish on Ms. Simona Broomes’ record and her reputation.



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