Int’l community urges ‘expeditious’ adherence to CCJ orders

British High Commissioner, H.E Greg Quinn welcomes President David Granger to the celebrations.

The international community has urged political players in Guyana to swiftly act in compliance with the country’s Constitution, as ordered by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

In a joint statement, members of the diplomatic community in Guyana including the United States, Great Britain, and the European Union, said they have taken note of the CCJ’s pronouncements on July 12.

“The Caribbean Court of Justice – Guyana’s Supreme Court – has spoken. It is
important for the rule of law that all invoked actors abide by its ruling and the relevant
provisions of the Constitution. We urge everyone to do so expeditiously,” the statement said.

The CCJ has since ordered that the government follow Articles 106 (6) and (7) which mandate that its Cabinet resign and call elections within three months of the passage of a no-confidence motion.

Due to the court proceedings, even though the motion was passed on December 21, 2018 – the court said the three months would now take effect from June 18 – when it had declared the motion validly passed.

Furthermore, the CCJ declared that the government should be in a caretaker mode until a new president is sworn-in.

Editor’s Note: This article previously stated that the Canadian High Commissioner was part of this joint statement. It has since been amended as Canadian High Commission was not one of the bodies in the statement.