Interdicted Policeman convicted of engaging 13-Y-O girl in sexual activity

Wayde Padmore

An interdicted Policeman, who was tried for three sexual offences, has been found guilty of one of them.

Before Justice Sandil Kissoon, Wayde Padmore faced one charge each for rape of a child under 16, sexual activity with a child under 16, and causing a child to view a sex act.

Following hours of deliberations on Monday, the 12 jurors, through the forewoman, announced that they could not arrive at a verdict on the first charge.

They, however, found 28-year-old Padmore guilty of engaging in sexual activity with the girl and not guilty of causing her to watch a sexual act. The girl was 13.

He committed the offence in October 2020.

According to the prosecution’s facts, Padmore was a regular visitor to the girl’s home as he is known to her family. It was alleged that he raped her in December 2019.

In October 2020, he attempted to rape the girl for a second time, but when he was unsuccessful, he allegedly masturbated in her presence until he ejaculated.

In relation to the charge on which he was convicted, Padmore, who was remanded to prison, will return to court on November 25 for a sentencing hearing.

On the charge for which the jury returned hung, he will be informed by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) as to when he will be retried.

Padmore was represented by defence counsel Clyde Forde, while the prosecution’s case was presented by three State Counsel, namely, Cicelia Corbin, Caressa Henry, and Paneeta Persaud. The trial was heard in-camera at the Sexual Offences Court in Demerara.

Padmore, who was first tried for the offences earlier this year, had to await a retrial after the jury returned hung on all three counts.