Improved transportation services at UG to commence soon


dscn0712-768x1024[] – The University of Guyana Students’ Society (UGSS) has entered into an agreement with the minibus association for the UG Route to improve the service to students at the Turkeyen Campus.

According to the Society the agreement includes, “Guaranteed bus service from 7:00 am to 9:00 am between Georgetown and Turkeyen and the provision of a service between Turkeyen and the East Coast from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, except during a period to be stipulated by the University.”

The agreement includes, “Payment of a monthly fee or a fee for each trip by each registered bus, registration and marking of buses covered by the agreement, adherence to a Code of Conduct, maintenance of the buses at an acceptable standard,” among other areas of corporation.

Last October the UG bus operators, represented by the United Bus Union, met with Registrar Vincent Alexander to signal their intention to commence wearing uniforms and unveiled several other plans.

In addition to new uniforms, the Bus Union had signaled its intention to end touting by East Coast buses on the UG Bus Park. Also the bus operators expressed the hope that the engagement with UG will see plans to have their buses come further into campus as well as contribute to the up-keep of the bus park area on campus among other initiatives. (SPLASH). 




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