IMPORTANT NOTICE: Harbour Bridge to be closed for 6 hours on Sunday


Persons intending to use the Demerara Harbour Bridge on Sunday are advised that the bridge will be closed for six hours to facilitate major maintenance works.

At a press briefing on Wednesday, General Manager of the Demerara Harbour Bridge Company (DHBC), Rawlston Adams, disclosed that the Bridge will be closed from 06:00h to 12:00h to facilitate the replacement of the fourth pontoon at Span Eight.

dhb“We want to get the message out because there are a lot of people who use the Bridge so we want them to know so that they can make alternative arrangements, either to cross early or reschedule their activities,” he stated.

Adams is confident that his team will be able to complete the works within the stipulated time and will have traffic flowing on the bridge soon after.

He explained that the major component of the works to be done is the replacement of one of the pontoons that holds the eastern hydraulic cabin, which housed the controls for the retractor span at that end of the Bridge.

According to Adams, while the Harbour Bridge Company tries not to impede on vehicular traffic during maintenance works, this was unavoidable due to the sensitive nature of the controls in the hydraulic cabins.


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