If discussions with Opposition fail then General Elections will be called – Dr. Luncheon

Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon.


By Kurt Campbell

Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon
Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon

[www.inewsguyana.com] –Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon has reiterated that the intention of the President during the current prorogation of Parliament will be to hold discussions with the political opposition and other stakeholders to ensure a reasonable outcome of the issues that currently confront the body politic.

Echoing sentiments expressed by the President Donald Ramotar, Dr. Luncheon said should the intended discussions with the Opposition fail, then the President is left with no other option but to call regional and general elections. General Elections are not due constitutionally until November 2016.

The Parliamentary Opposition on Monday last, hours after President Ramotar prorogued Parliament by way of proclamation said it has no interest in engaging the administration during this period which could last for a maximum of six months.

The prorogation came ahead of a debate on a No Confidence Motion which the Opposition had brought against the administration.

“Similar circumstances that occurred did not prevent a reasonable outcome eventually,” the Cabinet Secretary said as he registered his optimism in seeing a change in the Opposition’s position.

He said this option that the President has taken could be in a sense a “Dutch axe” where eventually the Opposition will get what they want, which is the dissolution of Parliament and general elections.

He said the Opposition’s response to not engage the administration is not an unexpected one since they may feel thwarted by the President’s action.

Meanwhile, Luncheon told reporters that the administration’s priority right now is to correct many of the patently absorbed statements, some of which were rooted in emotions made by the Opposition.

To this end, he explained that Cabinet members will unleash a media campaign to explain and justify the President resort to prorogation as opposed to the other option available to him.

The President had said that his intention is to preserve the life of the 10th Parliament and ensure that by its existence its work will continue.

Luncheon explained briefly too that the President has chosen to avoid any debate on the No Confidence Motion since it was believed that reason would not prevail.

He said the Opposition would have no doubt used its one seat majority in the Assembly to force the dissolution of Parliament via the motion as he referred to the Opposition as Pharaohs with hardened hearts.


  1. U full of shit..U have no idea what u yapping about..yes the parliament is the place to conduct the peoples business..your party trampled on the peoples house by cutting government estimates then trampled on the courts for ruling on the constitution..what else is there left to debate/ discuss? no confidence is the peoples business since your party did not get its way in the very peoples house?
    how is it some of yall suh dumb..


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