Hydromet office developing webpage to provide on-the-go update on climate conditions  


The Hydromet office in Guyana is currently working towards developing its current webpage to be able to provide steady updates to citizens on climate conditions as they become available.

This was related by a Specialist Meteorologist, Komalchand Dhiram this morning during the fifth National Climate Outlook Forum (NCOF) at the Herdmanston’s Lodge in Georgetown.

According to Dhiram, the upgrade to the webpage has become necessary with the advancing of technology across the region and world at large. It is the Department’s hope to develop a web application (app) as the need may arise in the future.

The web page will play a vital role in updating the public on how much rainfall to expect during which period, as this too has an impact on tourist influx, he explained.

When developed, the information to the general public will be free of cost, Dhiram added.

The meteorologist said that the Department hopes to have the webpage up and running by mid-next year.

The webpage dubbed ‘maproom’ is expected to include maps to depict where heavy rainfall is expected in the next six days, and how much rainfall is expected, along with where large or small amounts of rainfall are expected in the next three months.

Additionally, maps will show rainfall patterns that can be expected for El Nino, Dhiram explained.


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