Human Services Ministry celebrates Int’l Men’s Day with Scavenger hunt on Saturday


The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, in an effort to promote a cohesive family environment will host ‘The man, his family and friends’ scavenger hunt in observance of International Men’s Day 2022 on Saturday, November 19, 2022.

The fun-filled event at the Seawall Bandstand is expected to raise awareness on gender roles, shared responsibilities, gender-based violence and other male-related matters.

The activity is open to the general public and must have teams consisting of a minimum of four members but no more than eight members.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud said, “As we celebrate International Men’s Day on Saturday and the world turns it’s attention to celebrating the accomplishments of our men folk in various spheres including as integral part of family and communities. We are also conscious of the need to advance awareness programmes so that more attention can be directed to issues such as fatherhood, shared responsibilities, gender-based violence, addressing social ills including how men deal with conflict, anger management and other empowerment issues, if necessary. How they relate to expectations and stress in their lives, toxic masculinity and many more of these issues.”

Minister Persaud added, “The very creative scavenger hunt, put together by the Ministry for both awareness and participation of men, their families and friends, brings to the forefront, the need for men to have their family bonds and commitments very integral in their lives and by doing this event, it also allows them to learn about the Ministry’s initiatives and programmes that offer support and education. It also affords them an activity that they can do with their family so we look forward to the men coming out in their numbers to participate in the scavenger hunt. We will also be launching another initiative that focuses on men so we are inviting the entire country to come out and support.”

The top three teams will each be treated to dinner at one of the leading restaurants in the country.

The action gets underway from 08.00 hours and registration can be done at