Homebuilders’ Roadmap unveiled to ensure consumers get value for money

CCAC Director Mrs. Feona Austin-Paul
CCAC Director Mrs. Feona Austin-Paul (DPI photo) 

The Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) on Monday, officially launched its Homebuilder’s Roadmap, to empower consumers with the right information they need to make informed decisions when constructing their homes.

According to the CCAC, the roadmap breaks down this information into six phases: Acquiring land, Planning with your Architect, Approval of Plan, Selecting a Contractor, Finance and the Construction Phase.

“An analysis of the complaints brought to the CCAC concerning domestic construction, along with other unofficial reports, have revealed the abuses of consumers through shoddy work done by contractors in this industry, some of which can be considered a threat to the safety of consumers,” CCAC Director Mrs. Feona Austin-Paul noted at the launch of the Roadmap.

The Consumer Affairs Commission has revealed that it receives an average of 35 construction-related complaints every year; and the Commission has solved about 70 percent of the complaints thus far.

The roadmap was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing and Water, The Guyana Institute of Architects, the Mayor and City Council, Neighbourhood Democratic Councils and consultations with legitimate contractors, commercial banks and insurance companies.

The “roadmap” can be accessed on the Commission’s website at ccac.gov.gy or persons can uplift a copy of the handbook at the CCAC office, Sophia Exhibition Complex.