Hercules found not guilty of uncle’s murder

Freed: Nicholas Hercules
Freed: Nicholas Hercules

22-year-old murder accused Nicholas Hercules was on Tuesday freed by Justice Sandhil Kissoon at the High Court after a not guilty verdict was directed.

Hercules of Princes Street, Georgetown was before the Court charged for the murder of his uncle, Carlos Solomon.

The accused reportedly murdered him on April 1, 2015, during a heated argument between the two.

It was previously reported that the argument escalated which prompted Hercules to whip out a knife, allegedly stabbing Solomon in the region of his heart.

Hercules then turned himself over the Police Station where he reported the matter. It was later revealed that Solomon had first stabbed Hercules to his knee.

At Tuesday’s hearing Kissoon directed that he (Hercules) be found not guilty stating that after reviewing the case evidence, Hercules could not be found guilty, as such the jury formally returned such a verdict.

Lawyers for the defence and prosecution had sometime prior presented closing addresses and Tuesday’s proceeding was for summing up and jury deliberation.

The accused was represented by Hewley Griffith and Compton Richardson while the State was represented by Lisa Cave and Orinthia Schmidt.



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