Haversack with ‘weed’ found in minibus – driver, passenger arrested

A minibus driver, as well as a passenger, were arrested by Police this morning after ranks on traffic duty at Fort Wellington, West Coast Berbice, found a haversack with marijuana in the minibus they were in.
INews understands that Police ranks conducted a search on a mini-bus that they had stopped at Fort Wellington after they became suspicious, and found a haversack with 8 kilograms of marijuana.
The incident reportedly occurred around 08:35 hrs this morning.
The driver and passenger are in police custody assisting with the investigations.


  1. Regarding the “weed” . I heard that the Rastafarian community will be moving to get greater talks with the Granger administration in its legalization. They are also planning on asking the AFC wing of the administration that is responsible for agriculture to do a feasibility study on marijuana production at the Wales estate. Hope Ramjattan and Nagamootoo do not get intoxicated at the discussion. People of Wales should start getting seedling materials and drying floor for ganja.

  2. I will like the Government to put libraries on the East Bank of Demerara. The kids need somewhere to study after school.It will help the children a lot. readers are leaders in the U.S…..


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