HARPER SPEAKS: talks of strong desire to eradicate domestic violence

Elisabeth Harper and President Donald Ramotar.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – In a state-televised interview on Saturday February 28, Prime Ministerial Candidate for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Elisabeth Harper finally broke her silence on her selection for the post.

Seven days ago the PPP/C announced that Harper would be filling the Prime Ministerial candidacy slot as President Donald Ramotar’s running mate, but for some reason did not make any statement on her appointment at the press conference.

According to a release from the National Communications Network (NCN) – which conducted the interview – Harper indicated her decision to use her new platform for more to be done against the issue of domestic violence with has long since plagued Guyana’s society.

She spoke of being an unwed pregnant 17 – year – old, who was abused by her first husband.

“The Ambassador’s disclosure that she was physically abused by her first husband provided some of the more riveting discussion. It was a factor in her deciding to accept the invitation to run because she feels that domestic violence is becoming an epidemic in Guyana and if elected will use her position as Prime Minister to help stop this “scourge” as she referred to it in Guyana. She hopes that by talking publicly about the challenges in her life and how she overcame those that it will inspire Guyana’s youth, and especially women, to have the confidence to strive for a better life and a better Guyana,” the statement read.

It was also indicated that she talked openly about the many struggles of being a single mom, surviving an abusive first husband, her religious endearments and what she believes her 39 years of government service can bring to the office of Prime Minister.

Harper is quoted as saying: “this opportunity if it does present itself, would allow me to use my four decades of experience building Guyana’s reputation around the world to contribute even further to Guyana’s development, in particular the honing of policies to create more jobs, ensure that educational opportunities are available to all Guyanese, reducing crime and helping to create an environment where families are whole and an environment which would encourage our young people to stay and help build their country.”

The interview is set to be rebroadcast on Sunday March 1 on NCN and is available on social media.