Haresh Singh murder probe: Police arrest 6 alleged alibi witnesses

Murdered Haresh Singh

One day after Attorney Nigel Hughes claimed that Gladston Henry, the brother of 16-year-old Isaiah Henry and cousin of 19-year-old Joel Henry – the two cousins brutally murdered at West Coast Berbice, has alibis and that the evidence against him for the murder of 17-year-old Haresh Singh is so tenuous that it warrants the charge being dropped, the Guyana Police Force has arrested majority of these alleged alibi witnesses.

In a statement Friday evening, the Police said six (6) of the (9) alleged alibi witnesses for Gladston Henry, who has been charged with the murder of Haresh Singh, were arrested and taken to CID Headquarters, Eve Leary, by their Attorney.

They are Tiffany Campbell, Alona Bacchus, Patricia Henry, Bibi Shaheman, Clarett Kurtizious and Amanda Wickham.

The allegation of attempting to pervert the course of justice was put to them and video interviews were conducted, after which they were each placed on $100,000.00 bail.

According to the police, efforts are being made to question the remaining three (3) persons, which has been communicated to the Attorney, as the investigations continue into this matter.

On completion of the investigation, the file will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for legal advice.

Murder accused: Charles Scott, Joel Gittins, Phillip Anderson, Gladston Henry

The DPP has already advised investigators that Gladston Henry, 27, called “Gladwin Henry” and “Soldier man” of Number Three Village, WCB; Charles Scott, 21, called “Bucko” of Jarvis Street Rosignol, Berbice; 29-year-old Philip Anderson called “Ratman” of Number Three Village, WCB; and 27-year-old Joel Gittins called “Bolo” of Jangotown, East Coast Demerara, be charged with Singh’s murder.

This was after investigators obtained an alleged confession statement from Anderson, a family friend of the Henry family.

However, during a press conference on Thursday, Attorney Hughes disclosed that he wrote DPP Shalimar Ali-Hack, SC, asking her to review the Police’s file. He revealed that his client has an alibi and claimed that investigating ranks have been ignoring this fact.

Gladston Henry’s family members – 10 in total – including his mother Patricia Henry, have come forward claiming that he was at his family home at Number Three Village, WCB, at the time Singh was murdered.

In response to these claims, however, the Police Force on Thursday said video evidence and other individuals who placed Henry in the company of the other suspects at Haresh Singh’s home and at the scene of the crime at the material time, contradicted the statements by the family members.