Hairdresser remanded on narcotics trafficking charge

Officers unearthed 927 grams of cannabis packaged in small-sized ziplock bags

The New Year will break 43-year-old Odessa Dublin behind bars after she was remanded to prison by Magistrate Leron Daly on a narcotics trafficking charge.

She denied the charge which stated that on December 29, 2018, while at her Regent Street home, she had 520 grams of cannabis in her possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Police Prosecutor Sanj Singh informed the court that on the day in question, police ranks visited the home of the defendant where they conducted a search during which a concealed parcel which contained several zip lock bags with leaves and stems suspected to be cannabis were unearthed.

Following the discovery, the woman admitted ownership. As a result, she was arrested, charged and arraigned. She is expected to make her next court appearance on January 21, 2019.





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