GuySuCo CEO sues Kaieteur News over alleged libellous articles

L-R: GuySuCo COE Sasenarine Singh and Kaieteur News Publisher Glen Lall

Kaieteur News is yet again facing another libel suit; this time, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), Sasenarine Singh, has filed a Statement of Claim in which he is seeking more than $100,000 in damages for libel contained in a series of articles published by the daily newspaper.

Singh, through Senior Counsel Timothy Jonas, has complained that between December 16 and 28, 2021, Kaieteur News embarked on a campaign to tarnish his reputation with the publication of a series of statements disguised as letters to the editor. Singh said the statements were published in the newspaper’s print and online versions.

Singh is also seeking an injunction restraining Kaieteur News, whether by its servants and/or agents, or any of them whomsoever, from further publishing or causing to be published the words complained of, or any other words to the same or any similar effect; and he is seeking costs, interest and such further or other order the court sees fit.

In his 13-page claim, Singh referred to the statements, which he noted were “published falsely and maliciously”, and which were libellous of, and concerning him personally, and in the way of his post as CEO of GuySuCo.

By the words contained in the statements cumulatively, Singh has said, Kaieteur News has implied that he participated in a fraudulent, secret, and corrupt scheme to procure for, and to use for his personal benefit and in breach of his duties as CEO, resources, both financial and human, belonging to the corporation.

He said, too, that the publications suggest that he has participated in a secret and corrupt scheme to take control of the resources of GuySuCo for his personal benefit, wrongly and unlawfully, and in breach of his duties as CEO.

Singh complained that the publications infer that he used unlawful and/or unethical means, including intimidation and public harassment, to procure the removal from the employment of that company senior management employees whom he perceived to be independent of his personal control, and replacing them with less qualified personnel who were personally loyal and obedient to him.

The CEO has said the publications suggest that he was entering transactions that were detrimental to the corporation for personal profit in breach of fiduciary duty, was dishonest, and was an unethical person in the course of his professional duties. Singh deposed that his character, credit, and reputation have been seriously injured and brought into public scandal, odium and contempt because of the libel.

He argues that the publications have caused him serious public embarrassment, ridicule, odium, and injury to his reputation, both nationally and internationally, and both personally in his official and professional capacities.

This lawsuit was filed last week Monday at the High Court in Demerara.