GuySuCo accuses GAWU of hoaxing, inciting sugar workers

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[] – The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) is accusing the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) of hoaxing its workers into strike action by peddling misinformation.

This is after GAWU indicated that sugar workers will be striking indefinitely as a result of the Company and GAWU’s inability to arrive at a consensus over the Annual Performance Incentive (API) bonus for workers.

The Corporation offered for every 85,000 tonnes sugar produced one day’s pay API. This equates to 2.7 days for the Corporation expected year’s production of 233,361 tonnes sugar.

GAWU rejected this offer and is instead pushing for day’s pay be set at 37,125 tonnes – this proposal would see workers being given six days pay as the API.

In a press release on Wednesday, GuySuCo stated that the Corporation on no less than four occasions over the last three months explained to the Union’s delegation the dire financial crisis facing the industry.

“It is no secret that the current total revenue is just enough to offset payment of wages and salaries to its employees,” the release added.

“As we approach the holiday season, we are all aware that workers are predisposed to earn in preparation for the holidays but they are confused with the misinformation being peddled. No doubt this misinformation is meant to incite the workforce,” noted the sugar company.

According to the statement, the Corporation was reliably informed that the Union’s local officer and it representatives were in the villages bordering the East Demerara Estates with the use of a loud speaker calling out the workers to strike for one week instead of the expected consultation on the Corporation’s offer.

“We saw this become a reality when the workers of that estate responded on Saturday with the cane harvesters withdrawing their labour. Further the Union representatives of Skeldon and Blairmont indicated to management that they would be proceeding on industrial action from Sunday, Blairmont harvesting reps were clear that they will be withholding their labour for the entire week.”

GuySuCo is requesting that the workers be allowed to continue to work, as Skeldon, Albion, and East Demerara have three weeks , Rose Hall four weeks and Blairmont two weeks remaining for the crop.

“Isn’t it good sense to allow these workers to resume their duties and earn as much as they can over the next 2-4 weeks at their respective estates…There comes a time when one will have to look at the reality and make a decision on which side of the fence they wish to sit: the side leading to destruction or the side working for sustainable survival of the industry and therefore security of employment.”



  1. @Emile
    Why don’t YOU go cut cane for just ONE DAY and let us know how easy work it is?
    You are a LAZY COWARD who hide behind a keyboard in your moma’s house and write PNC propaganda!

  2. The PNC regime has killed Guyana economy in every possible way….The minister of Tourism is in Canada begging for Loans, naga man is in Mexico begging for Loan, Haroon is in USA begging for Loan and Granger is in Saudi Begging for Loan….Not to mention some are in INDIA begging for loans as well….that is ALL the installed regime can do is beg for loans not create revenue….Their economic skills is equal or less than that of the stupid Burhnam who made Guyana a third world country degrading the dollar value on the same concept of taking loans all over. Since this regime took office, crime rate is flooded pass their nose….I used to pay $600 CAD for a flight to visit Guyana, it is now $1200 CAD….Tourism is now dead…..

  3. you criminal APNU/AFC, give the workers their wages increase/ API and they will work, you all know that you all MP are paid to do quality work , and some of you have no quality<<<<<< you are all blood suckers only thinking about your self
    where is the great Dacta Ramayya, from Berbice, the champion of the wokers is he dead , also the Nagga man, and Charranraas

  4. Given that a continuation of this grinding season will only serve to reduce losses, management should weigh up any long term repercussions and possibly close the season. This might buy some time in what seems the inevitable final decision to nail the coffin on sugar.

  5. 100%and 50% to minister there are the ones that are drain this country not sugar worker sugar build this country so why now the bright one say that sugar can’t make it take away 100%and 50% and see what will happen

  6. Sugar workers may be politically loyal to a fault, but they will be at fault if they wind up losing in this ill-advised exercise. Sugar is on life support, costing the treasury more than bringing in more for the treasury.
    If sugar is not being produced, it must be imported. This means money intended for GuySuCo will go to pay suppliers abroad.
    I don’t think the PPP understands sugar is no longer economically sweet and so the best option now is to let the government find a way to save sugar. God knows the PPP could not save sugar despite an infusion of billions.
    Sugar workers have to decide if they want to earn a living or strike and be broke.


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