Dangerous working conditions at RUSAL; investigation launched

Minister Simona Broomes meets management of RUSAL
The lunch room used by some of RUSAL workers.
The lunch room used by some of RUSAL workers.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Simona Broomes on Tuesday, November 24 led a team into the Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc. (BCGI), a RUSAL subsidiary Aroaima Region 10 location during which a number of labour infractions were observed.

According to the Ministry, while the management of the company indicated that a new management team is in place and that the health and safety of workers are now being focused on, the Ministry is particularly concerned about the extreme and at times dangerous conditions workers are being forced to work under.

“The Labour Department of the Ministry has now launched an investigation and a letter listing the infractions observed will shortly be dispatched to the company indicating that these need to be corrected, some immediately,” the Ministry noted in a press statement.

According to the statement, the complaints by workers were numerous but chief among them was the fact that they are not allowed to be unionized.

A chair that is used by an operator at the Kurubuka mining site during his twelve hour shift.
A chair that is used by an operator at the Kurubuka mining site during his twelve hour shift.

“It is the Ministry’s position that the Constitution of Guyana provides for every worker to be part of any organization according to their choice and these include trade unions.

“It is the fact that the Trade Union Recognition Act makes it mandatory that any trade union bargaining for or on behalf of any group of workers ought to be recognized. Section 23 of the said Act makes it an offence for any management to refuse to treat with the trade union of the workers’ choice.”

It was noted that almost all of the over one hundred workers spoken with by Ministry officials expressed the desire to be unionized and the Ministry believes that their right to this should be respected.

Minister Simona Broomes meets management of RUSAL
Minister Simona Broomes meets management of RUSAL

“This was made clear to management and the Ministry believes that this issue will be ironed out in the new future.”

The Ministry’s team, which included assistant Chief Labour & Occupational Health & Safety Officer Lydia Greene and Consultant Francis Carryl, was also disturbed by the claim of two workers that they are being forced to repay medical bills for injuries they would have suffered on the job.

It was noted that the workers were taken to a private hospital, one for burns and the other for a broken arm and the Ministry finds it unconscionable that monies are being deducted from their salaries for the medical bills.

“In at least one of the cases management officials on site admitted to this and a recently appointed manager indicated that he has written to the company’s Country Manager on the issue. According to the manager this employee, who is in a supervisory position, is an exemplary one and the Ministry finds it unconscionable that he is being treated in this manner. The Ministry plans to address this issue immediately with management with the view to have these deductions cease and for the workers to be repaid the monies already deducted.”

Workers listen to Minister Simona Broomes in their lunch room at Kurubuka mining site
Workers listen to Minister Simona Broomes in their lunch room at Kurubuka mining site

According to the Ministry, in the case of the said worker, who was burnt earlier this year, the company failed to report the accident during the four day period prescribed by the labour laws and for this a charge will be instituted against the company by the Labour Department.

Meanwhile, workers also complained about a 3% salary increase being imposed upon them for next year and that management told them this was the ceiling set by Government because of inflation.

Minister Broomes made it categorically clear that this is not the position of the Government and when she sought to challenge the deputy personnel manager on the issue he indicated that the issue arose out of miscommunication due to the language barrier.

Exposed wires at the Kurubuka mining site.
Exposed wires at the Kurubuka mining site.

During Tuesday’s visit Minister Broomes made it clear that her presence should not be seen as an attack on the company since the Government welcomes foreign investors but stressed that this should not be done at the expense of workers being treated unfairly.

She also indicated that while she would not attempt to impede the company’s progress she would also not allow workers rights to be infringed.

“As the Minister responsible for labour I am here to hold the balance between employer and employee and that is what I am going to do. I am not going to attempt to do anything outside of the law,” she said.

Officials of the Ministry will conduct a follow-up inspection to ensure that the labour infractions that were pointed out to the company are corrected. During a meeting with the management team it was indicated that changes will be made and for this the Ministry is heartened.



  1. The enslaving employers are allowed to enter our land and recolonised our people becuz of the poor agreement signed on to by our Gov’t.

    If I am taken to a private hospital by the company to be treated for an accident that occurred during work I ain’t paying back cent.

    I believe there will have to be a Union organising the workers and showed that they have 40% support to the trade Union board and it is not automatic.

    What is the Chief Labour Officer has been doing that we saw a new Minister has to be going and finding these infractions. We need someone of higher and better caliber to lead the Dept of labour and not the current officer, labour deserve better than what was given by the previous admin.

  2. Finally, justice and Fairplay is being attended to . The PPP is only concerned about one category of workers being unionized.

  3. Very good for Minister Broomes to make this impromptu visit to this bauxite company- RUSAL, to see how they are treating their workers and what conditions these employees are working under. Keep up the good work Ms. Broomes!


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