Guyanese mom caught smuggling cocaine at JFK


A young mother of one is now facing drug trafficking charges after she was apprehended at the John F. Kennedy (JKF) Airport with some 200 cocaine pellets in her stomach two Saturdays ago.

The woman, Odessa Edmondson originally from Linden, who was reportedly travelling with her baby, was intercepted by US Custom and Border agents.

Checks were reportedly made in her suitcases but turned up empty.

However, Edmondson was reportedly observed to be sweating and acting in a suspicious manner which lead the agents to question her.

It was then that the young woman reportedly admitted to ingesting the pellets revealing that she was going to be paid some US $6000 to smuggle the drugs in the United States.

Edmondson reportedly excreted the pellets weighing over 3 pounds.

Charges have since been filed against her.

Caught in similar circumstances were Guyanese couple Kurt and Maria Bruney who were both busted by US Customs and Border officers at the JFK Airport.


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