Guyanese couple to be arraigned in NY following cocaine bust


Attempting to smuggle hundreds of cocaine pellets into the United States (US), Guyanese couple Kurt and Maria Bruney were both busted by US Customs and Border officers at the John F. Kennedy International Airport.

They are now facing arraignment in the New York (NY) Eastern District Court.

The couple, Kurt and Maria Bruney, arrived in New York from Georgetown on September 23.

Reports indicate that while the husband was subjected to initial routine security checks, he began to behave in a suspicious manner.

He was reportedly approached by officers to do an X-Ray. It was then that his partner in crime reportedly spilled the beans that they had ingested cocaine pellets.

They both cumulatively had well over 200 cocaine pellets in their systems, with the contents of an excreted pellet testing positive for cocaine. Reports indicate that a sum of US$6000 was promised for his efforts.

It is understood that the couple’s case is in the docket of the New York Eastern District Court, where a pre-arraignment complaint has been filed against them by the state since September 24.

And while they entered into their enterprise together, officials are now keeping them in separate federal holding facilities as they await trial.

The couple, who reportedly hail from the East Coast of Demerara, follow in the footsteps of several locals who were busted in the US attempting to smuggle drugs.


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