Guyanese man dies after setting self on fire in Queens, NY


A Guyanese man living in Queens, New York died after setting himself on fire in front of his Apartment house Friday night, authorities said.
burn guyaneseFire-fighters found the victim, identified by family members as Sunildatt Seudatt, already dead in the concrete yard outside 172-41 90th Avenue, in Jamaica, Queens, around 21:00 hrs.

Neighbours told family members that they tried pouring water on Seudatt, but it was too late.

Relatives were at a loss as to why Seudatt, described as part of a large family of Guyanese immigrants, would kill himself so violently.

One relative, who declined to give his name, said Seudatt had been depressed. He said that a daughter of Seudatt and two young grandchildren also lived in the three-story building.
“I saw the fire trucks earlier. You would never think that this would be why,” said Rebekah Singh, 40, Seudatt’s neice. (NY Daily News)



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