Guyanese being urged to guard against bogus oil and gas learning institutions


The authorities in Guyana are urging persons who may be looking to qualify themselves in order to take advantage of the opportunities in the burgeoning oil and gas sector, to guard against certain bogus learning institutions which claim they are equipped to offer the necessary courses.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources in a statement over the weekend, there has been a noticeable increase in institutions of learning offering courses in oil and gas education. It stated that this was understandable and even expected as the country prepares itself for the emerging oil and gas industry. However, the Natural Resources Ministry is urging that interested persons be careful.

“The Ministry of Natural Resources is urging the public to be careful when signing up for online courses in oil and gas and to ensure that any programme being embarked upon is accredited. The Ministry hereby states that if the occasion arises, it will indicate publicly which institution, training programme or course for oil and gas related education it recommends or endorses,” it said.

The Ministry also urged potential students and interested parties to engage in their own due diligence checks before investing in any oil and gas related educational pursuit.

There has been much buzz within the country and afar in light of continuous reports of oil find in Guyana’s territorial waters, and as preparations are on-going to get the country ready for production, Guyanese are looking to equip themselves to benefit from the many opportunities that such an industry provides.

In fact, the Guyana Oil and Gas Association (GOGA) has been staging a series of Oil and Gas seminars with presentations featuring international experts, educating Guyanese on the emerging industry.



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