Guyana is richer today because of invaluable contributions of all immigrants – PNC


The People’s National Congress extends greetings to all Guyanese, especially those of East Indian origin, on the occasion of Arrival Day as our nation observes the 183rd anniversary of the arrival the first East Indian immigrants.


Arrival Day, observed as a national holiday annually on 5th May, celebrates one of the most significant events in Guyana’s history. Our nation’s multi-cultural diversity which was shaped by the ‘arrivals’ who came during the colonial era, is an asset that enriched our common experience.


Arrival Day not only gives persons of Indian origin an opportunity to reflect on the journey of their ancestors but also, it provides an opportunity for people of other origins to reflect on the journey and history of their own ancestors. It is important for us to examine our origins so that we could understand better the impact of our collective efforts in building our nation and appreciate the need to respect each other.


Arrival Day reminds us that our nation is richer today because of the invaluable contributions which the descendants of all immigrants have made to our national development and to shaping our Guyaneseness – the unique tapestry of beliefs, cultures and traditions.


The People’s National Congress wishes everyone a happy Arrival Day.