Gunman opens fire in busy Regent Street…two injured


Pandemonium broke out in Georgetown today when a lone gunman began firing shots in the direction of a businessman on Regent Street which was populated with a number of shoppers at the time of the incident.

gun crimeReports are that an armed man exited a motor vehicle around 12:30h and discharged several rounds at the businessman and another person.

Narine Samadeen, 30, of Parika Backdam and the 35-year-old businessman, Shazam Alli, of Tuschen village, were injured during the ordeal.

After firing the shots, the perpetrator quickly got into the motor vehicle which he had exited and made good his escape as persons in the area were scampering for safety.

INews understands that Samadeen and Alli were subsequently rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

It is unclear at this point in time as to the motive of the shooter as well as the condition of the two men who appear to have been the targets in today’s shooting.




  1. If someone has a gun or a knife and they want to stab or shoot another person. Do you really think that some government official can stop them?? What is needed is for the officials in charge to create more jobs that are attractive to the young men and women of the country. Strengthen your economic situation and you could limit the amount of gun violence in the country.

  2. Guyana NICE,this along with so many other negative and distasteful things happening everyday is great for the tourists sector,,,the stupid question is what is being done? Why persons responsible still in office,


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