Gunman apprehended while attempting to rob Gafoors’ customer


A lone gunman who attempted to rob a Gafoors’, Mc Doom, East Bank Demerara (EBD) customer, was on Friday morning, apprehended due to swift efforts by security guards attached to the company.

Inews was informed that the attempted robbery occurred at around 10:30h while the customer; a woman, was leaving the business establishment.

Reports are that the perpetrator, who was in a car, exited upon noticing the woman proceeding and dealt her several cuffs to her face.

The woman began to scream as the man attempted to snatch a bag which she was carrying. Security guards at the establishment became alerted and reportedly fired shots at the man who was attempting to re-enter the car in which he came.

However, the car sped away and the man was apprehended with the bag in his possession.

Same was taken away and the Police were later called who arrested the perpetrator.

An investigation is on-going. (Kizzy Coleman)


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