Granger says crime surge ‘part of deliberate campaign’ to embarrass Govt, Police

President David Granger

There has been a surge in criminal acts and activities in recent days and Guyanese Head of State David Granger has sounded the alarm that this is in fact a part of a coordinated effort to embarrass the Government and Guyana Police Force (GPF).
Granger made this pronouncement on Thursday, when he met with members of the local media corps for his ‘Public Interest’ television programme and said: “I am suggesting that the pattern of crimes that we have seen is part of a campaign.”
The President conceded that there has been a decline in the rate within which ranks of the GPF not only respond to reports of criminal activities but also in their apprehension and prosecution of suspects.
The President told media operatives, “I am very suspicious about the fact that the Police are reacting very slowly.”
He used the opportunity to draw reference to two robberies committed on Wednesday last, one at the home of former Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee and another at the home of the son of prominent Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram.

The President was adamant that these crimes “cannot go unnoticed.”
According to the Head of State, “I get the impression that these crimes….they are almost to embarrass the Police Force, to embarrass the Government.”
He suggested that the perpetrators of the attack against the former Home Affairs Minister could not seriously be expecting to walk away with any large haul of loot, “but it certainly made the headline news.”
The President was adamant that “we have to be very careful that people are committing crimes because of some ulterior motives… Maybe it is to show that the Police Force is weak or the Government is weak.”

President David Granger
President David Granger

“We don’t know for sure what is taking place but many of these crimes have their origins in the weakening of the Police Force,” the Guyanese Head of State posited.
This weakening of the Police Force, according to Granger, obtained during the period he recently described as the troubled period in Guyana, adding that there are some persons who seem hell-bent on repeating or continuing the lawlessness that prevailed during that period.
“We have a very serious problem on our hands,” according to Granger, as he pointed to Government’s resort to resuscitating the Security Sector Reform Project with the assistance and funding of the British Government.

Assistant Police Commissioner, David Ramnarine
Assistant Police Commissioner, David Ramnarine

“Some of the actions taking place,” according to Granger, convinced him that the Police Force has to be reformed.
Expanding on his revelations, the President reminded that Government inherited the Guyana Police Force in its current state, namely a state of affairs where there was an erosion of its capacity and capability.
During that ‘troubled’ period, according to Granger, the Police Force was weakened, coupled with the fact that more Police were murdered during that period than in any other period in Guyana’s history.
“We had rampant criminality, the murder rate was much higher, executions were much higher… drug lords were driving about.”

Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud
Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud

According to the President, the Police Force was present during that troubling period and this is compounded by the fact that many of the ranks that were witnesses to and a party to activities of that period are still in the Force.
“We have not purged the Police Force so there are still some elements in the force and in society who were involved in those problems.… certain high profile crimes we are noticing now seem to be hold overs from that period and I am very suspicious about the fact that the Police are reacting very slowly.”


Meanwhile, the President also used the occasion to weigh in on the current public bickering between Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud and his deputy, Assistant Police Commissioner David Ramnarine.
Persaud, who recently returned from leave has attempted to rescind decisions taken by Ramnarine who had acted in his stead, namely with regard the promotion of several Police ranks.
The Top Cop has claimed that his temporary replacement was not authorised to make any such promotions, while Ramnarine differed with him.
The matter has since spilled into the public domain and according to President Granger, it was earlier this week addressed at the level of the National Security Committee.
Granger told media operatives that the Public Security Minister has since been tasked with investigation the matter.
Lamenting the fact that the matter has in fact been playing out in the public domain, Granger called the state of affairs unseemly and of concern since it could in fact not only have a negative impact on the morale of the ranks of the force but could also embolden criminal elements looking to do mischief.
He suggested too that such high-level quarrelling in the hierarchy of the Police Force can also undermine the public trust in the institution.
Weighing in on the spat between the two Top Cops, the President pointed to the fact that the Force operates with a hierarchical structure with the Commissioner at the helm.
He noted however that when the Assistant Commissioner is acting in that capacity, it is expected that this be done in an affirmative and not passive manner.
“Although there is a structure, there is also a convention that persons who are acting have to do their work in an affirmative manner and not in a passive manner,” according to President Granger.
He nonetheless opined that the matter is not insurmountable and while it is cause for concern, it is in fact nothing more than a “storm in a teacup”, adding “I don’t believe the problems are unsolvable.”


  1. There Is A Global Reconning Against Political Authority.

    saying ‘enough is enough,’ with their politically elected representatives.

    The general commonweal are rebelling against exploitation by the rich, the privileged, and the property owning classes.

    And until some social, economic, and judicial justice is realized BIG TIME.

    This will continue to be our reality.

  2. We fought for and achieved independence in ’66. The world has progressed so much since then .Look at the life of the ordinary man today in Guyana . Wonder if his life would have been better if we had remained dependent. We trusted our own people to lead us to prosperity with so much wealth in the bosom of the country. Instead, the poor is suffering, the rich gets robbed every day. Where is the hope ? The incompetent and corrupted behavior of the governments since independence, a few exceptions, have catapulted us into a somewhat subhuman society.The Guyanese people needs to stand up together in unity and fight the corruption and in-competencies in today’s society.

  3. Mr. President, we are fed up with your CRAP! we the citizens of this country can no longer be held hostage in out homes by common thugs! Stop making excuses and do something about the crimes committed against us.

  4. Mr Granger, you are an IDIOT AND A JACKASS , to conclude such. You bray like a donkey, mouth wide open, with just hot air.

  5. I agree with the gentlemen. Mr. PRESIDENT instead of saying that is to embarass to the GPF and Government, create a plan to a stop these criminals from making your administration and the country look very bad. Mr. Ramjattan need to step up his game, and protect the citizens of the country. All that is happening is bare talk and no action, it’s ridiculous and constant reminder of how the country is not progressing towards economical achievement

  6. Granger is the biggest comedian Guyana ever witness as a president…He fixes blame for the incompetent ability his party has to take the country FWD! Every time the PNC is in power, Guyana is bombarded with crime spree all over. Few weeks ago this man was on national TV stating that DRUGS is the reason for the crime….When asked if the BANDITS are on crack or weed…he has no data or stats to prove this…so in other words….making up all fake excuses to cover up an under performed minister of security….

  7. Let’s look at the facts, the crime situation is out of control, I am greatly astonish that the head of state can make such comments, he seems out of touch with the reality. Civilians having guns is not the problem, problem is releasing criminals every year they go back to the same crime or commit worst ones a crime is a crime and until we decide to get serious it will continue to prevail. Guyanese are all talks and no actions!

  8. Oh President Grainger.You do not seem to understand that the buck stops with you.Stop pasing it on to others.Many of the veterans of the 90s and 2000s, know exactly how too defeat these young wanbee gangtas, as it was defeated several times in the last two decades.You do not want to think of anything harsh, just platitudes and empty promises.The innocent are being killed , robbed and brutalized as they were in the late 80s and early 90s before the really serious bandits were sanctioned, and again in the 2000s, before again, the bandits were sanctioned, far too late, but still law and order was eventually restored. Do something positive, imgine these young thugs, are threatening your future green Guyana, which you are spending far too much time with.

  9. Granger is the one telling Guyanese to remigrate and invest in the country >>>well Mr President I got news for U >>>we ain’t coming back until the country is safe>>>for starters>>>raise the police pay>>the putting their lives on the line for lil bit a money>>>>wah yuh expect SMH

  10. TO: inewsGuyana.

    Crime Surge In Guyana!

    President David Granger said the surge in crime is a deliberate attempt to embarrass the government.

    Now since when do criminals give a dam how their actions impact the government or the state?

    The problem is that we have too many civilians owning personal firearms. With or without licenses.

    And some are even renting theirs to criminal friends too.

    Plus our porous borders allow the influx or all kinds of weaponry into Guyana, unabated too.

    So president Granger, you cannot make such ridiculous excuses for what is commonly known and factual.


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