GPL linesman ‘slowly recovering’ following electric shock


The 41-year-old Guyana Power and Light (GPL) linesman, who was a victim of an electric shock, which occurred on Sunday last outside Demico House where technicians were replacing some old power poles, is slowly recovering from the injuries he sustained.

According to reports reaching INews, Dara Singh has regained consciousness and is currently in a stable condition at the Burns Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

The man received third degree burns to his chest, back, abdomen and hands.

According to reports, the man who has been working with the power company for the past twelve years was at the time of the incident holding some wires, which suddenly became live with current which flung him several feet away. He reportedly landed on his back with the wires resting across his stomach.

Singh’s colleagues were able to get the wires off his body, and he was rushed to the GPHC for emergency treatment.


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