GPL blames bad weather for blackouts


The Guyana Power and Light (GPL) today sought to explain the series of blackouts which have occurred over the past three days.

Chief Executive Officer of GPL, Bharat Dindyal said the adverse weather is to be blamed for the network problems in Georgetown, the East Bank and along the East Coast of Demerara.

At a press conference today, Dindyal said that the company was able to restore power in some areas and the problem is expected to be regularised before the day is out in other areas.

The CEO said there is a solution to the problem, however it will be highly expensive.

He told reporters that the utility company is currently looking at moving away from wooden poles and going in the direction of steel or concrete.

Meanwhile, after restoring power following the massive blackout on Sunday there were still complaints of a series of blackouts occurring over the past three days.

In his explanation, Dindyal pointed out that the control center is only capable of detecting if a high voltage line goes out and not a transformer.
(Akash Ramlackhan)



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