Govt mulls hiring private firms to tow vehicles that illegally park in city

Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn

Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn has announced that he is contemplating the possibility of government contracting private firms to tow vehicles that illegally park in the city.

“I have been thinking recently of outsourcing the towing services to private people so that the double-parking, the blocking of vehicles on the roadways that lead to a lot of congestion – if we outsource that activity – it would go a long way along with the backup of the Police Force in making our city, our roadways safer, less congested…,” Benn revealed.

He made the announcement on Monday evening at the launch of the Road Safety Council’s Magazine and Website.
The magazine is in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Guyana Police Force. The collective effort is to strategically and effectively improve public awareness of road safety.

According to the Home Affairs Minister, speeding and inattentiveness continue to be among the leading causes of accidents on the roadways.

“From statistics of the Guyana Police Force, we see that speeding is a critical issue on our roadway, inattentiveness and driving under the influence,” he expressing, noting that traffic officers need to make an extra effort to curb these issues during the holiday season.

Moreover, Minister Benn said he wants to see an increase in the usage of the ticketing system for traffic offences.
“The amount of tickets which the police have given out has fallen behind what was given out last year and I think that is one thing which we have to pay attention to,” Minister Benn posited.

“Give people tickets on the road and not tell them to go to the station where there is a lot of wastage of time,” he encouraged traffic officers.