Govt announces major role for Wales Estate as part of GuySuco’s “rebranding” process


The Guyana Sugar Corporation’s (GuySuCo) Wales Estate has been identified to play a major role in government’s thrust to rebrand and revitalise the sugar company to make it viable, according to GINA.

According to Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder, Government is examining the feasibility of converting the factory into plants that will process dairy products and fruit juices among other products.

wales-estateThe re-organisation of the West Demerara factory will create opportunities for local farmers since Minister Holder foresees lands which will no longer be utilised for sugar cane cultivation being allocated to them for cattle rearing, and cultivation of various crops, which will be required for the operations of the juice plant.

“We can see the land being used for dairy production, and we can see some land being made available to people in the area so that they could farm and provide milk, provide fruit juices, provide things of that nature, and we would want to see that replicated in other estates.”

He said, “This administration has now rationalised the Wales situation where you join Wales and Uitvlugt so that the Uitvlugt factory can now work at 100% efficiency.”

The merger is in keeping with government’s quest to diversify and make GuySuCo more efficient, the Agriculture Minister emphasised.





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