GECOM needs to convince the nation upcoming elections will be “free and fair” – Rohee


In light of two APNU+AFC candidates soliciting signatures of residents in the Municipality of Rose Hall, Berbice, some weeks prior to Nomination Day under the pretext of assisting the residents with community works and other needs, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) had promised an investigation into the matter.

voteGECOM also noted that should they discover any illegalities they would have reported them to the police.

However, although the elections body has already concluded their investigation after visiting the Rose Hall Municipality nothing further has been heard of the issue.

This is according to General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee, who told reporters at a media briefing this morning that the reputation of GECOM is at stake and it needs to convince the nation that the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGEs) would be “free and fair.”

He stated that it was two weeks prior to Nomination Day that the two APNU+AFC candidates conducted the act in Williamsburg which falls under the Municipality of Rose Hall.

It was not until Nomination Day itself that the residents discovered their names had been filed on the APNU+AFC ‘Backers List’ although they did not sign any documents knowingly supporting this.

“Forty residents who were fooled into signing as ‘Backers’ petitioned GECOM through an Affidavit, to remove their names as ‘Backers’ for the APNU/AFC. These persons claimed that they are strong supporters of the PPP…The People of the Rose Hall Municipality and the Nation as a whole need to know the outcome of such illegalities,” Rohee posited.

As such his Party is calling on the Chief Election Officer of GECOM to provide, with urgency, an update on the matter and what actions, if any, was taken against these perceived candidates.

“GECOM has a moral responsibility to take these matters to the police for investigation,” Rohee declared.




  1. GECOM needs to convince the nation upcoming elections will be “free and fair” – Rohee
    When you had full power ruling Guyana you never demand nothing of GECOM.
    The people were asking you begging you pleading with you to tell the nation what plans you have in place to ensure elections were free fair transparent but most importantly what measures were taken to take to protect PPP polling station official and PPP supporters from being beaten.
    Let me say this again: Once PNC could get A B C countries in their corner then PPP days of winning elections are over.
    A B C countries will again turn a blind eye to election fraud while in the same breath talk up “democracy”
    ABC and EU never once mentioned Guyana constitution called for recounts but the US big man told PPP to take your seat in parliament and take your beef to court.
    Well according to reports if true PPP did in fact took it to court and the court ruled??????????>>>>>>>>>>>> No one ever heard of any court ruling.

  2. Yes Surujbally what happen to that investigation?????. Let me guess, it’s swept under the carpet. Were you hoping for this to go away or are you going to assist this Defacto PNC administration with another win.


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