GDF Lance Corporal, three others arrested with illegal guns, ammo

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[] – A Lance Corporal attached to the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) is in police custody along with three other men, following the discovery of illegal weapons and ammo in a car they were in.

According to a police report, at about 10:30 hrs on Saturday December 05, 2015, police ranks on “Operation Dragnet” stopped a motor vehicle with obscure number plates at Regent Street and Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown, and conducted a search during which an unlicensed sawn-off pump action shotgun and an unlicensed .38 revolver with six matching rounds were found.

The vehicle was being driven by the Lance Corporal who was dressed in uniform and a hood. He and three other men who were in the vehicle have been arrested and are in police custody assisting with the investigations.



  1. Emile, are you speculating or fishing for excuses? As a known PNC/ APNU supporter, the questions you posed would be answered(?) in the courts if that issue should ever reach there. It is well known that there are many within the disciplined forces who get in just as a cover to carry out their criminal activities in the hope that they would not be suspected or caught.
    Many are in the GPF without basic qualifications and cannot perform their duties professionally. I have come across so many who cannot write legibly with spelling being a major problem. That could be one of the reasons why they take bribes so as not to write up a report. Whether it is a set up or not, this current administration has no cleary strategy to tackle the out of control criminality across the country. They are too proud to put Guyana first, instead they ridiculed the opposition when suggestions are offerred. Latest example was when Ramoutar advised to get the GDF involved with the police in order to arrest the upsurge in crime and criminality. What did the experienced commander in chief say? You check it out to refresh your memory.

  2. I am sure our intelligence folks and Minister Felix will ascertain if he was connected to the Buxton possee

  3. Why would a soldier drive around in broad daylight in army uniform and hoodie, along with others, while carrying two illegal guns? Worse, why would they give themselves away by being in a car with a license plat that would draw attention?
    Is this a set-up to make the bust look like Operation Dragnet is working?

  4. JAIL with very hard labor should be the only punishment for those found guilty of crimes especially when they are members of the joint services. The jail time should also be doubled, it’s going to take some time to clean the rogues from TOP to bottom, these bottom shelf criminals in uniform are only examples of the BASKET, the fruit spoiled because the basket is poisoned,,Great work JS,,,

  5. Hooded GDF Lance Corporal, others caught with gun, ammo
    When I read Granger addressing GDF I said he knows he is addressing crooks and bandits:: U failed to post::This is nothing new–this is not news- in army and police they are above the law –they operate in the dark with their civilians criminal buddies – they used their position to move illicit stuff through ports of entries / exits – majority Guyanese knows this- they pledged their lives to PNC no matter what.


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