Ganga Persaud to feel the wrath of Opposition for alleged sexual involvement with minor


By Kurt Campbell

Opposition Chief Whip, Amna Ali.
Opposition Chief Whip, Amna Ali.

[] – Opposition Chief Whip Amna Ali has warned that the wrath of the Opposition will be unleashed on Local Government Minister Ganga Persaud following revelations of his alleged involvement with a minor.

According to Ali, it is downright unbecoming as a Minister and more so a Member of Parliament (MP).

“I would have thought that Minister Ganga Persaud would have had his wife… honestly what I want to say on this matter I can’t say,” Ali told iNews.

The APNU MP believes that he should not have only resigned as a Government Minister but also remove himself from the National Assembly.

“All Members of Parliament should emulate decency there is no excuse for failing to do so,” Ali said.

She said that at the appropriate time the Opposition will deal with these allegations appropriately, if proven to be true.

Ganga Persaud shocked the nation when he announced his resignation on January 23. The resignation was accepted by President Donald Ramotar and becomes effective on January 31.

Though he maintained that he resigned because of personal issues and as a result of added obligations, allegations have surfaced which claimed that he was asked to resign by President Donald Ramotar following the damning revelations.

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee dodged questions of this ilk during a press conference on Monday, January 26.

Ganga Persaud taking the oath of office as Local Government Minister in 2011.
Ganga Persaud taking the oath of office as Local Government Minister in 2011.

When asked if the PPP is concerned with these reports, Rohee was hesitant to answer.

He said to one reporter, “You’re treading on very sensitive grounds; you’re treading on extremely sensitive grounds that could have far reaching implications.”

When asked if the PPP is concerned about the reports implicating Persaud, Rohee said, “We are concerned in respect of all government ministers committing acts of indiscretion, committing acts of impropriety, committing acts of dishonesty, committing acts of corruption while carrying out their ministerial responsibilities. That has been a long established concern ever since we took office in 1992.”

Persaud remains a government Parliamentarian and a member of the PPP and its central committee.




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