Fishermen massacre: ‘Crackhead’ confesses to killing 5


The main suspect in the recent spate of piracy attacks off the coast of Suriname, ‘Crackhead’ who was arrested on Sunday last in Suriname has reportedly confessed to killing five of the fishermen before throwing them over board.

Mastermind in pirate attack: Crackhead

The man who was wanted in connection with the attack since the inception, during interrogation told Surinamese law enforcement officers that he was the ring leader in the recent spate of pirate attacks in Surinamese water.

Based on reports coming out of Suriname, he also told police that it was not a robbery but rather he was just following orders- orders to attack the boat and ‘get rid’ of the occupants.

Although a confession statement was signed by the suspect, the police are continuing their investigations as they confirmed that 27 others are being questioned. During the confession by ‘Crackhead’, he did not provide names of his accomplices.

However, to date four bodies have been recovered from the attacks- the recent being that of Gavin Outar, 33, of 18 Sheet Anchor, East Canje, Berbice. His partially decomposed body Outar washed ashore yesterday.

Dead: Gavin Outar

At the time of the discovery, the body was clad in a blue ¾ pants and bore a tattoo on the left chest. Based on description of the tattoo, a cousin of the dead man turned up with a photograph of Outar sporting the same tattoo.

His body was taken to the Skeldon Hospital mortuary awaiting a post mortem.

At a joint press conference on Monday last in Suriname, Justice and Police Minister Stuart Faith reported that 30 persons have been arrested.

It was reported that a boat owner who reported the robbery to the Police described the men he recognised during the brutal attack on the fishermen, one of whom was the prime suspect ‘Crackhead’.

He reportedly told the Police that it was ‘Dick’, ‘Bolo’, ‘Crackhead’, ‘Sanbad’ and another man he did not know who had carried out the attack. The owner also related that the suspects are all Guyanese.

Two Saturdays ago, four boats were attacked by a group of men who brutalised the occupants then threw them overboard.  Two days later, another boat was attacked, and the captain was killed. The crew is still missing.

Those identified as missing are Ramesh Sanchara; Ganesh Persaud, Vickey Persaud, Glenroy Jones, Bharat Heralall, Ralph Anthony, and Tiaknauth Mohabir. The three bodies that were initially recovered are yet to be positively identified.


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