Fire scare at City School forces evacuation


The St. John's College. [iNews' Photo]
The St. John’s College. [iNews’ Photo]
[]Students of the St. John’s College on Waterloo Street in Georgetown were this morning (Monday, December 9) evacuated from the building following a strange, loud explosive and frightening sound, which came from a meter attached to the façade of the school.

No one was injured but iNews nderstands that the children had moments ago re – entered their classrooms following the mid morning break at the school when the explosive sound was heard.

Two fire trucks were summoned to the scene. A female vendor at the school, Sharon Sears said that she was talking to her daughter at the gate when she heard the sound and when she looked, she saw smoke coming from the meter that had made the sound. The head teacher of the school was immediately informed.

The students were then assembled and evacuated from the building to a nearby play field several feet away from the building.

The Headmistress of the school, Joy Nurse was not willing to speak to the media about the incident. She would only say that she is not in a position to speak to the media because she is not good looking.

Students return to the building after the scare. [iNews' Photo]
Students return to the building after the scare. [iNews’ Photo]
However, one of the students told iNews that everyone began smelling burning wire and began to enquire if there was a fire at the school and it was within seconds that the bell rang for them to effect an evacuation.

The fire fighters determined that there was a fault with the connection of the meter, along with the power cable from the light pole. [Leroy Smith]



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